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新金沙娱乐平台:Debt breach follows and the fund manager teaches you how to mine

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内容摘要: Into May, regulators reduced leverage, determined to break the rigidity of payment diminished, debt default event after another, higherGod ...

Into May, regulators reduced leverage, determined to break the rigidity of payment diminished, debt default event after another, higher God fog and other environmental , Cadillac ecological debt ratio, solvency weaker listed companies after another burst debt mines. Unfortunately, a number of public fund "step on mine", resulting in net fund down. Great Wall Fund Research Director and Great Wall Smart Industry Fund He Yiguang, manager of the proposed fund, believes that as far as possible in the investment to disperse the industry and individual stocks, can minimize the impact of the black swan on the net value of the fund fluctuations.

Insiders pointed out that since last year, the “Black Swan” incident has occurred frequently. Even with extreme caution, fund managers and holders may still face the reality of accidentally stepping in “landmine stocks”. According to statistics, there are nearly 5,000 different types of fund products on the market, and the total number of A-share listed companies funded by the fund is only about 3,500. As long as there is an "explosion of thunder" incident on the A-share market, there will be fund company injured. Therefore, if the fund's investment wants to achieve performance that exceeds the market, it must try to avoid the poor performance of the company, avoid excessive concentration of positions, and also pay attention to timely stop loss.

Focusing on fundamental stock picking, controlling the pullback rate, and reducing the fluctuation of the fund's net value are exactly the characteristics of how Guangming Xianming, the fund manager of the Great Wall Smart Industry Fund, plans to invest. He Yiguang told reporters that diversification of investment is an important stock selection principle. Not only is it relatively dispersed in the investment industry, stock options are also scattered. According to the broad stock selection principle, the maximum investment ratio for individual industries, especially sub-sectors, is generally no more than 10%. In this way, once the industry experiences the same rise in the same industry, the impact on the net value of the fund will also be affected. Not too big; the positions of individual stocks held are generally controlled below 3%. Once they step on the "landmines", their impact on the net value of the fund is also very limited. This disparity in positions, which is significantly higher than the industry average, actually puts higher demands on fund managers' research ability and diligence.

It is understood that diligence is a very important investment quality. After observing the research market through financial statements, announcements, research reports, etc., He Yiguang selected stocks that fit his “CAR_LN model” based on fundamentals, and then used technical review to determine the best buying point for stocks. Under the guidance of fundamental stock picking, technical elections and the investment system of diversified investment, combined with the long-term observation of the market and the dynamic adjustment of investment experience based on market conditions, the widely managed fund products have achieved a relatively stable net value in their investments. increase. It is understood that several funds currently managed by He Yiguang have recorded positive returns in the past two years, with the performance of the Great Wall Small and Medium-sized Funds being particularly prominent. Data show that as of May 7th, the cumulative return of the fund in the past 2 years reached 48.30%, the same period Hushen 300 index rose 22.48%, over the same period hybrid funds return rate was only 16.96%, in the same fund products The top 5% in China.

It is reported that Great Wall Fund will be issued on May 15 of the Great Wall Smart Industry Flexible Configuration Hybrid Type Fund (005738). In the Xinji gold Jiancang ideas and strategies, the proposed fund manager He Yiguang will follow the usual fundamental stock selection methods, diversification of investment, steady first, mainly to the strategy of floating surplus, and strive for investment Gain excess returns. Interested investors may wish to pay more attention.





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